Are you an On-Line Retailer based in NZ who either ships, or wants to ship, products to overseas customers?

There are hundreds of really great people selling really great products on-line, operating from locations all over New Zealand. We are constantly told that the cost of shipping is the main barrier to selling more products to international customers. Therefore, ERD can offer you Low Cost rates to the key destinations that will enable you to grow volume and increase sales. These rates are available even if you have low volume. Get in touch and find out how easy it is to use our simple web based shipping platform which allows you to create consignment notes, commercial invoices as well as allowing you to track your parcels on-line.

Are you a Foreign On-Line Retailer who either ships, or wants to ship, products to New Zealand customers?

ERD works with many foreign based Retailers who have enough volume to consider dealing directly with us, without the need for third parties. We can provide a complete import service that includes Customs Clearance for Low value items (under NZ$400), High Value items that require the collection of Duty/Tax, Labelling and injection into our final mile delivery. We can provide a range of API integration options that will enable you to print your own labels and send electronic manifests. In many cases, we can also provide you with a freight option from your country direct to New Zealand.

Are a Freight Forwarder, Mail & Parcels Consolidator, or Postal operator - either NZ based or Foreign based, who ships parcels from or into NZ?

ERD can offer a comprehensive wholesale Economy Import and Export service for E Commerce, Economy Courier and standard Air & Sea freight into and out of New Zealand. We already work with several large global organisations and can offer a range of delivery options based on volumes, weights and type of product. We a have multi-carrier platform and a range of API integrations that allows you to print your own delivery labels, prepare manifests and track all shipments on-line. Services include Customs Clearance (DDU & DPP), Airline handling and Final Mile delivery. The service can either be Door to Door, or Airport to Airport. We are also the local New Zealand agent for Linex.

Are a 3PL or Fulfilment operator, either NZ Based or Foreign based, that generates International B2C Parcels for either export or import?

As a 3PL or Fulfilment operator, you will be generating E Commerce parcels and packets on behalf of your clients. ERD already work with many 3PL organisations and offer a range of Low Cost International E Commerce shipping services that can also be tailored to suit the individual needs of your customers, whether they have their own contracts in place, or whether they rely on you to decide how their Parcels are shipped. We offer a range of API integrations and a web based shipping platform that allows you prepare consignment notes and invoice, and includes full Track & Trace via our website.

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